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On Cloudmonster Hyper First Impressions

Does Pebax make the Hyper better than the 2?

ASICS Metaspeed Sky Paris First Impressions

The Sky Paris is a full on v3 upgrade

On Cloudmonster 2 First Impressions

Is the Cloudmonster still On's best running shoe?

Hoka Mach 6 First Impressions

The Mach 6 gets completely redesigned!

Adidas Prime X 2 Strung Review

Does more tech make a shoe better?

New Balance Fuelcell 2024 Lineup

All the details about the new releases

Best Super Shoes of 2023

My favorite super shoes of 2023

Nike Alphafly Next% 3 Overview

Today we take a look at the Alphafly 3 and talk about the changes, its specs, and the release date.

On Cloudeclipse First Impressions

Part Cloutmonster, part Cloudsurfer, the Goldilocks shoe from On.

Adidas Adios Pro Evo Prototype Deep Dive

We walk through the protoypes that eventually became the Adios Pro Evo 1.

Evolution of the ASICS Kayano 30

ASICS PLM walks us through the evolution of the Kayano 30

ASICS Gel Nimbus 25 Full Review

How does the Nimbus 25 hold up after 100 miles?

Nike ZoomX Ultrafly Trail First Impression Review

Is the Ultrafly the Vaporfly of the trail, or is it more of a souped up Pegasus Trail?

Hoka Mach X First Impression Review

Another Hoka shoe with Pebax foam and a plate, but how does it perform, and how does it compare to other super trainers?

Best Super Flats for 5k/10k Racing

What is a super flat, what is the best super flat, and do you need one to race a 5k or 10k?

ASICS Superblast Full Review

How does the ASICS Superblast fit into your rotation?

On CloudBoom Echo 3 First Impression Review

On's new super shoe with Pebax foam!

Skechers Ride 11 First Impression Review

Is this one of the best budget shoes out there?

ASICS Kayano 30 First Impression Review

The Kayano 30 gets a complete makeover top to bottom. How does this redesigned shoe perform?

Hoka Rocket X 2 First Impressions

The next generation of Hoka is here. How does the addition of PEBA foam change this racer, and how does it compare to the competition?

Asics Magics Speed 3 First Impression Review

How does adding full FF Blast+ and a carbon fiber plate change the Magic Speed?

Skechers GoRun Speed Beast First Impression Review

A thick stack of Hyperburst Pro foam, but how does it perform?

Nike Vaporfly Next% 3 First Impression Review

How does the completely revamped Vaporfly compare to the competition?

ASICS Metaspeed Sky+ Full Review

More than just a minor improvement, the Metaspeed Sky Plus is a full redesign, but how does it perform?

Puma ForeverRUN Nitro First Impression Review

Can a high cushion shoe be both neutral and stable?

Nike Vaporfly Elite 6 years later

Six years ago Nike debuted the Vaporfly Elite and Vaporfly 4%. These two shoes would change the running shoe game forever.

On CloudSurfer 7 First Impression Review

Does ditching the gimmicks make the Cloudsurfer a great running shoe?

Hoka Clifton 9 First Impression Review

Is the new Clifton worth the wait?

Mizuno Wave Rebellion Pro First Impression Review

Mizuno is late to the max cushion super shoe game, but is the Wave Rebellion Pro worth the wait?

Nike Zoom 2023 First Look

Nike is bringing a ton of exciting shoes into 2023!

Asics Novablast 3 - 100 Mile Full Review

Asics lightens the weight and adds FF Blast+ to the latest Novablast 3. How does it hold up after 100 miles?

The North Face Vectiv Trail Shoes 2023 First Look

The North Face has a lot of exciting new trail shoes coming to their Vectiv line in 2023. Which one are you most excited about?

Asics Gel Nimbus 25 First Impressions Review

The Nimbus gets a complete redesign! How does this premium trainer feel?

New Balance SC Trainer v2 First Look

My favorite plated trainer of 2022 gets a big redesign in 2023. Will it make the SC Trainer even better?

Rotation Review: On 2022 Running Lineup

I've been running in a handful of On shoes over the last year, how does their lineup rate overall?

Brooks 2023 Running Lineup First Look

I was at TRE getting some hands on with Brooks' upcoming shoes. Which are you most excited about?

Asics Superblast First Impressions Review

What happens when the Novablast gets mixed with the Metaspeed Sky+?

Hoka 2023 Lineup First Look

I was at TRE getting some hands on with Hoka's upcoming shoes. Which are you most excited about?

Skechers Razor 4 First Impressons

The Razor 4 gets redesigned top to bottom. How does it stack up to the competition?

New Balance SC Trainer First Impressions

The SC Trainer is New Balance's super trainer. Is it the training companion you need?

New Balance FuelCell SC Elite v3 First Impressions

The SC Elite v3 gets a complete makeover. Is it better than v2?

Hoka Carbon X3 Review

The Carbon X3 is a snappy shoe, but it actually a supershoe?

On CloudNeo First Impressions Review

On's first shoe with pebax that also happens to be recyclable, but how does it ride?

Asics Magic Speed 2 First Impressions

Is the redesigned Magic Speed 2 a budget Metaspeed Sky?

On CloudGo First Impressions

Is this the CloudMonster Mini?

Evolution of the Nike Vaporfly

Explore the evolution from prototype to final hype.

Saucony Endorphin Pro 3 First Impressions

Is it finally a real marathon racer?

Nike Alphafly 2 First Impressions

Is it worth upgrading from v1?

Brooks Glycerin 20 Full Review

After 100 miles, how does Brooks' new midsole hold up?

Nike Zoom Fly 5 First Impressions

The Zoom Fly finally gets ZoomX!

Hoka's First Real Super Shoe: Rocket X2

Hoka is finally catching up to the competition

On Cloudvista First Impressions

Is this On's most versatile trial shoe yet?

Asics Fall 2022 First Look

I got hands on with the Magic Speed 2 Novablast 3 and more!

Reebok Floatride Energy X Review

The best budget and beginner friendly shoe?

Nike Pegasus Trail 4 First Impressions

Nike's most versatile shoe ever?

On Cloudmonster First Impressions

Is this On's first REAL running shoe?

Asics Metaspeed+ Explained

Is this really the Metaspeed Sky 2? What has changed?

Saucony Sinister 5k/10k Super Flat

Saucony is working on a new super flat for shorter distances.

Hoka Carbon X 3 First Impressions

Does new midsole foam and a knitted upper improve this shoe?

Reebok Floatride Energy X First Impressions

Is this a budget flagship racer, or a training companion?

Adidas Takumi Sen 8 vs Adios Pro 2

Which super shoe will take the crown?

Altra 2022 Trail Lineup

Altra is revamping its trail lineup with some exciting new additions.

Nike ZoomX Streakfly First Impressions

Part Peg Turbo, part Vaporfly 4%? What is Nike's latest racer like?

Nike Vaporfly Next% 2 Full Review

Nike's upper update improved this shoe, but is it still worth the price?

New Balance Fuelcell Lineup 2022

New Balance's lineup is getting rebranded and adding some new additions in 2022.

Hoka Rincon 3 Review

Does the Rincon 3 get major improvements, or some downgrades?

Asics Nimbus 23 vs Nimbus Lite 2

Asics has two memebers of the Nimbus family. What's the differences and which one is better?

Super Shoe Trends 22

In 2022 we'll see super trainers, super flats, and carbon plates from track to trail.

Craft CTM Ultra Carbon First Impressions

A carbon plated racer with a trail outsole? Is this the gravel bike of shoes?

Saucony 2022 Lineup

Saucony has some big updates coming in 2022!

Nike Zoom 2022

Nike has some exciting shoes coming out in 2022. Check out my exclusive images and info!

Adidas Takumi Sen 8 First Impressions

The first 5k/10k supershoe of the season is here! Is it just a mini Adios Pro 2?

Hoka Clifton 8 Full Review

The Clifton 8 might seem like a minor update, but it has some huge improvements!

Hoka Trail 2022

Hoka is updating some of its most popular trail shoes in 2022, as well as introducing an exciting new model!

Saucony Endorphin Shift 2 First Impressions

After being impressed with the rest of Saucony's Endorphin lineup, I decide to try out the Endorphin Shift 2. How does it compare to the others?

125th Boston Marathon Race Recap 2021

After running my first Boston Marathon, I give you my thoughts and walk you through the race!

Best Hoka 2021 Shoe Showdown

With so many soild updates, how do the Mach 4, Rincon 3, and Clifton 8 compare to each other?

Adidas Boston 10 Full Review

Does the redesign of the Boston make it a training companion to the Adios Pro 2?

Super Foam Shoe Showdown ZoomX vs FuelCell vs Pwrrun PB

What is a super foam, and how to my favorite three compare?

On CloudStratus 2 First Impressions

How do their unique midsoles feel, and how does iit stack up to the competition?

Which Shoe Will I Wear for Boston?

With so many great carbon plated racers, which one is best for me, and which are rejects?

New Balance FuelCell RC Elite v2 First Impressions

The loved the Rebel v2 so much, it inspired me to get the RC Elite v2!

Brooks Hyperion 2022 Lineup

The Brooks Hyperion lineup gets exciting updates in 2022.

New Balance FuelCell Rebel v2 Review

Is this RC Elite without a plate the shoe of the year?

Nike ZoomX Pegasus 39 Pro

Rumors of a Peg Pro and images of a Peg 39 have been floating around. I dive into my thoughts and deatils of the shoe.

Hoka Clifton 8 First Impressions

Although it doesn't look much different than the Clifton 7, the Clifton 8 has some huge improvements!

ASICS Noosa Tri 13 Review

The Noosa returns with a complete makeover! Underated shoe of the year?

Arteyu The Artist First Impressions

At half the price of most carbon plated racers, is this shoe better than half of them?

Nike ZoomX Invincible Review

Nike's first shoe with 100% ZoomX foam. Is it the best shoe they've created?

Super Spikes Roundup

With the Olympics come new super spikes with new foams and plates.

Adidas Boston 10 First Impressions

The Boston becomes much more similar to the Adios Pro.

New Balance FuelCell Rebel v2 First Impressions

Is the redesigned Rebel the best shoe of 2021?

ASICS GlideRide 2 Review

How does the GlideRide 2 stack up against other high cushioned shoes?

Nike Vaporfly Next% 2 First Impressions

Does a new upper make this version the best Vaporfly yet?

Hoka Mach 4 Review

Does the complete overhaul make the Mach the best Hoka yet?

Saucony Endorphin Series 2021

What changes does Saucony have in store for its Endorphin series?

Hoka Carbon X 2 Review

Is this the carbon plated racer you should use for your next race?

ASICS NOOSA Tri 13 First Impressions

The Noosa Tri gets a huge makeover with lots of improvements.

Hoka Rocket X Review

Hoka's answer to the super shoe.

New Balance FuelCell 2021

New Balance's has an exciting FuelCell lineup for 2021.

Hoka Mach 4 VS Clifton Edge

Which up-tempo trainer from Hoka is worth your money?

Nike ZoomX StreakFly & Zoom Fly 4

Nike is adding two more carbon plated shoes to its lineup thiw year.

ASICS GlideRide 2 First Impressions

ASICS made some slight changes to its popular GlideRide shoe.

Hoka Clifton 7 Review

Is the Clifton 7 the best version since the Clifton 1?

Nike Vomero 15 First Impressions

Nike revamped the Vomero returning it to its plush roots.

New Asics Shoes 2021 [Ride Series]

In 2021 we get some upgrades and new additions to the Ride Series lineup!

Hoka Carbon X 2 First Impressions

Hoka revamps its high cushioned, carbon racer.

Asics Kayano Lite Review

ASICS mixes up its stability shoe formula with the Kayano Lite.

New Adidas Adizero Shoes 2021

With the success of the Adizero Adios Pro, Adidas is bringing that design to its 2021 lineup.

Nike Tempo Next% Review

Does the training parter to the Alphafly live up to the hype?

Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 Review

With much criticism from the first model, how does the sequel stack up?

Hoka One One Rocket X First Impressions

Hoka's new carbon plated racer is here! Check out my initial thoughts.

Hoka One One Rincon 2 Review

The Ricon 2 introduces a brand new upper, but it is it for better or for worse?

Asics Kayano Lite FI

After a few runs, I'm ready to give you my first impressions of the modern Kayano.

New Nike Shoes 2021

This episode of Sneak Leaks dives into some exciting new shoes coming from Nike in 2021.

Saucony Endorphin Speed Review

A truly versatile shoe from Saucony. Is this the best shoe of 2020?

Hoka Carbon Racers Explained (2020/2021)

Hoka has grown its collection of carbon plated racers.

Brooks Hyperion Elite 2 First Impressions

After a few runs in the Brooks Hyperion Elite 2, I give you my first impressions. I also compare it to some of my other favorite carbon plated running shoes.

Hoka One One Clifton Edge Review

How does this new shoe differ from the Clifton, and what's it made for?

Nike ZoomX Dragonfly First Look

I take a look at Nike's new ZoomX distance track spike.

Hoka One One Torrent 2 First Impressions

After taking the nimble Hoka Torrent 2 for a few runs, I give you my first impressions and compare it to the Brooks Cascadia 14.

Saucony Endorphin Pro Full Review

After putting the Endorphin Pro through the paces I give my full review. Is this the best carbon racer out there?

Nike Tempo Next% FK First Impressions & Comparisons

How does Nike's newest uptempo trainer compare to the Alphafly and Vaporfly Next%?

Hoka One One Rincon 2 First Impressions & Comparisons

The Rincon 2 keeps what made it great, but how is it different than the Clifton?

Saucony Endorphin Speed First Impressions & Comparison

What's the difference between the Endorphin Speed and Endorphin Pro, and is it worth an extra $40?

Nike Pegasus 37 Full Review

Nike has changed everything about the Pegasus. Is it for better or worse?

Top 5 New Trail Running Shoes 2020

There are a lot of new and exciting trail shoes coming out, check out my top five!

Hoka Clifton Edge First Impressions

My initial thoughts of the new Hoka Clifton Edge, and how it compares to the Clifton and the Rincon.

My Running Shoe Rotation and Collection 2020

Curious about my running shoe collection and my current rotation? Check it out!

Saucony Endorphin Pro First Impressions

Saucony's rival to the Nike VaporFly Next% has arrived complete with a carbon plate and pebax foam.

Brooks Hyperion Tempo Review

After 100 miles and various types of runs, I bring you my in-depth review of the Brooks Hyperion Tempo.

Hoka Clifton Evolution and Lineup 2020

The Clifton has evolved a lot over the years. Twenty-twenty brings a new look and a new model to the lineup.

Asics EvoRide Review

Sitting in-between the Asics MetaRacer and the MetaGlide, the EvoRide is a modern uptempo trainer from Asics.

Nike Pegasus 37 First Impressions and Comparison

The Nike Pegasus gets completely redesigned! I go over my initial thoughts, and compare it to the Pegasus Turbo 2.

Nike ZoomX Spikes and Flats

On the latest episode of Sneak Leaks, I talk about how distance Track athletes are finally getting a taste of ZoomX with the new DragonFly distance spike, and the HyperFly racing flat!

Brooks Hyperion Tempo FI

Watch my first impressions on Brooks new, light, fast, and bouncy shoe. This guy uses Brooks new DNA Flash midsole.

Asics GT-2000 8 Review

The gap between the GT-2000 and the Kayano keeps getting smaller and smaller. The new version of this shoe is softer with a smoother ride.

2020 Marathon Running Shoe Guide

This year has been an arms race for shoe companies to release their marathon racing shoe with bouncy foam and a carbon plate. Check out all of the new super shoes!

New Balance Hierro v5 GTX Review

New Balance's high cushioned trail shoe goes waterproof! This version of the shoe is great for rain and snow.

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In my first impressions videos, I give my thoughts after some initial runs and compare it to other shoes.

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Two different shoes go toe to toe. I go in depth about what makes them different.

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My news segment going over running related news and even leaks about upcoming shoes.

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